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Top Reasons For Going Through An Annulment

Top Reasons For Going Through An Annulment

annulment groundsSome so many people go through the annulment process after getting married. Although divorce rates are incredibly high, annulments are not that far behind. There are several reasons why people will decide to do this. It could be as simple as they did not realize who they were actually married to, and this gives them a moment of pause. They may also think that they have made the wrong choice by marrying a particular person, finding out later, perhaps, that they were still married to another person. Here are some of the top reasons for going through an annulment or in NV annulment and the paperwork that needs to be filled out to complete this process.

Reasons That People Get Annulments

Some of the top reasons for getting an annulment to marriage include bigamy, fraud or misrepresentation, and no consummation of the union. They may later discover that the person they are married to is not of sound mind, and they feel threatened by even being in their presence. One of the top reasons that annulments occur is that one of the people is underage. This means that this person can seek a divorce because they were under the legal age of consent in that particular state. Of course, they would have to be underage at the time of the marriage for the annulment to be granted.

What Type Of Paperwork Do You Need To Go Through An Annulment?

annulment in nevadaThere are three or four forms that must be filled out, paperwork that will be necessary to make this binding legally. First of all, you will need a petition, specifically for the dissolution of a marriage or domestic partnership. Second, you will need to fill out a summons form. This is the form that is used to schedule a time for you to present this information to a judge. The third form is called a declaration. This particular declaration is about child custody and is only necessary if you do have children. Finally, there is another declaration which is going to state exactly why you would like to have the annulment. All of this needs to be correctly filled out and filed before you go before the court.

Does An Annulment Take Very Long To Complete?

Most annulments will only take a few weeks to go through. It just depends on the speed at which you are able to complete the documents and when you can be scheduled to go before the court. To speed up the process, many people will use a family law attorney to make sure that the forms are filled out correctly. By working with a lawyer, you can also feel a little more confident about your position. They will know if you have a chance of having the annulment or if you need to modify certain things to convince the judge. Either way, you are going to save time on getting your annulment by utilizing a local attorney to help you out.

What Happens After The Annulment Goes Through?

After the annulment has occurred, your marriage will be dissolved. Legally speaking, there will be no trace of it ever existing. This is something that is preferable to many people. They do not want to be considered a divorcee, and if they can get an annulment, they would prefer of this. Your attorney will be able to help you decide on which course of action will work best, whether you need an annulment or a divorce. If a cancellation is possible, definitely consider getting this done using the services of a legal professional that can help.

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