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Tips for Dealing with an Annulment

Tips for Dealing with an Annulment

annulment vs divorceAn annulment is different from a divorce. It effectively ends a marriage and acts as though the wedding never happened. Divorce ends a marriage and treats it as though it has been dissolved.

There are certain benefits to getting an annulment rather than a divorce. The process is quicker and legally speaking it is a cheaper process than a divorce. The issue with dealing with an annulment is you must be able to prove certain conditions exited to get the marriage to end.

You Can Choose To Get An Annulment

annulmentFor instance, if you were forced into a marriage and you were underage, you can choose to get an annulment rather than go through a divorce. The court would find that your marriage was not legally valid anyway.

Some rules pertaining to the annulment of a marriage. Consult with an attorney to see if this is an option you can choose over a divorce. If you try to get the marriage to be voided, but the case is denied, you can still work for a divorce proceeding.

The only difference is that with the divorce you may be able to get alimony because the married did exist. With the other option, this is not possible.