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The Best Steps for Dealing With An Annulment

The Best Steps for Dealing With An Annulment

annulment of marriageThere are two main options I discovered that I have for ending my marriage. I can get divorced, or I can get an annulment. The second method is faster and cheaper, but it comes with a few more strings attached than divorce.

With divorce today, you do not need a cause to file necessarily. This means that you do not need to submit papers along with a reason such as alienation of affection for the divorce proceeding to start. You can just register and allow the process to go through.

The Only Problem With Getting An Annulment

annulment of a marriageIt takes time and a lot more money to divorce though than it does to deal with an annulment. The only problem with getting an annulment if you do need to show the court that your marriage should be dissolved because specific criteria for the divorce have been met.

Divorce is different in that the act shows that marriage is no longer in effect. The annulment process indicates that the marriage never existed at all.

Examples of the reasons you need to show include fraud, someone being married to someone else when they married you and failure to have children when one spouse claimed falsely that they could.